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OTR.902 marker paint refill 100ml - choose your color!

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The new OTR.902 MARKER PAINT is a unique refill for any classic pump-action, squeeze or mop-marker. The alcohol-based marker paint has a superb flow with excellent coverage. It dries glossy and makes for drippy, opaque tags on any surface. While the OTR.901 SOULTIP PAINT has very thick pigment and is designed mainly for squeeze and mop markers (not for nib-markers) the new OTR.902 MARKER PAINT can be used without a problem in any kind of pump-action markers with any kind of nib. The alcohol-based paint can be used for a range of purposes: from Drippy, opaque tags outdoors, or any artwork related work like canvas, paper, wood, or metal. This new OTR.902 MARKER PAINT refill-series comes with 13 fresh colors: Black, white, cyan, magenta, yellow, raspberry, aqua-green, blue-indigo, pink, purple, and three chrome colors: silver, gold & copper. OTR’s European production partner stands for high-quality and is one of the biggest suppliers for paint-marker-factories worldwide. Together they work on a wide range of different shades to reach an extensive color-chart in the OTR.902 MARKER PAINT series.

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