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OTR.4468 Superflow King Blue

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The OTR.4468 SUPERFLOW MARKER is a new pump-action marker in the standard OTR program. This marker is an improved version of the legendary OTR.048. The OTR.4468 SUPERFLOW MARKER has the same 8mm ROUND-Tip like the OTR.4001 BULLET and OTR.4201 SOULTIP PAINTER, but it posesses a much bigger liquid reservoir than the other models. This allows a very good flow even for faster handstyle-techniques.

The OTR.4468 SUPERFLOW MARKER is filled with 18ml of the brand new OTR.968 SUPERFLOW PAINT, a very liquid hybrid paint that contains pigments and dyes. The low viscosity of SUPERFLOW PAINT allows a perfect paint flow for very drippy tags. The OTR.968 colors are brilliant, very intense and opaque. With the screw cap on the backside the OTR.4468 SUPERFLOW MARKER is easy refillable in a few seconds.

Info: For best results its important to shake the OTR.968 SUPERFLOW PAINT paint very well before using.