Book: OTR CubaBrasil Hardcover –

Book: OTR CubaBrasil Hardcover

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ON THE RUN BOOKS together form an encyclopedia that catalogs graffiti and urban art from around the world. Since 1990, the OTR team has built an ever-growing archive. With every title, original material from various key artists gets digitized and preserved and brings their story to the public. KNOW YOUR HISTORY!

CUBABRASIL : Over 25 artists from Brazil, Germany and Cuba joined forces in this extraordinary creative coming-together, which took place in Havana, Pinar del Rio, São Paulo and Berlin. This book documents the countless pieces and large-scale murals, guerrilla video projections, workshops and exhibitions, which were born from this intercultural collaboration. CUBABRASIL features Latin American aerosol stars like Os Gemeos, Vitché, Nina and Joana, German aerosol artists like Won, Neon, Cemnoz and Stone, the video artists group BerlinBeamBoys and some of Cubas’ best muralists.

128 pages, Texts: English, Hardcover 23,4x16cm