Book: How & Nosm - The Brazil Diaries –

Book: How & Nosm - The Brazil Diaries

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How&Nosm - The Brazil Diaries is an intimate look at the Perre twins’ art explorations in Brazil. European graffiti artists and muralists residing in New York City, How&Nosm found that living in a society whose strict laws deny writers their right to self-expression meant they had to satisfy their creative appetite elsewhere. The solution was to travel to places with a greater understanding and tolerance for graffiti and street art. These trips were liberating and soon transformed from a desire, to a routine, to an addiction. They have painted in more than 60 countries thus far, with Brazil in particular proving to be the perfect playground for this ever-active duo.

With a limited color palette in hand, How&Nosm create striking murals laced with social commentary. Their signature black, white and red intricate patterns, stark line work and stylized forms heighten the intensity of the message.

With a foreword by James Prigoff and an introduction by Daze.

128 pages, Texts: English, Softcover 23,4x16cm